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Economies around the globe are dependent on sourcing sustainable and reliable critical minerals necessary to supply a growing demand across key sectors including transportation, infrastructure, communications, medical and clean technologies. Canada has the opportunity to be the responsible supplier of choice of critical minerals necessary for the global energy transition, emissions reductions with the view towards decarbonization and meeting net zero targets.  

Canada's Mineral Sector Positioned to Lead the World.


A Shift Forward

With two successful conferences, Redefining Electrical Metals Conference is now rebranded to include a series of conferences that showcase unique, however related themes. Our third sold-out conference, Critical Minerals Conference: Critical Elements & Minerals Across The Americas was most recently in Kelowna, BC. Work is now underway for the Calgary-based Critical Minerals Conference: Canada's Energy Transition focusing upon where, who along with how clearly defined strategies and policies shall achieve the intended success and desired goals for the benefit of our environment & society.

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Canada's Mineral Sector is an important contributor to the economy along with providing a reliable and sustainable supply of critical minerals, elements and rare earths are essential to the growing demand for clean technologies including solar panels, wind turbines, EV batteries for transportation and energy storage.


The importance of critical minerals from within Canada is necessary to achieve decarbonization, reduce emissions and realize net zero climate goals through the development of new and innovative technologies applicable to all sectors of the economy including the energy sector.


A collaborative approach is imperative to achieve our objectives all with the overarching policies the Federal Government of Canada has recently announced including the Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy and the Sustainable Critical Minerals Alliance. 


RESCHEDULED: Spring 2024

Calgary • Alberta

Recent Event


June 26-27, 2023

Fairfield by Marriott Kelowna

Kelowna • British Columbia

Thank you to the 150 registered delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors who joined us for the first Critical Minerals Conference in Kelowna. 


Like Canada's Western Sedimentary Basin, much of North America, Central America and South America share similar geology and mineralization coupled with an extensive amount of experience exploring for and extracting a wide range of critical minerals ranging from copper, nickel, lithium, helium, cobalt, niobium, rare earth elements plus silver and gold.


Over two days in Kelowna, we'll come together to explore projects opportunities from across the Americas. Having the benefit of extensive exploration, development and production over centuries the integration of new technologies to review the data and collect new surveys with high resolution data opens up new resources for further exploration.


Long term trade between each jurisdiction coupled with rising commodity prices, extensive infrastructure and access to transportation to international markets supports ongoing investment across each continent. 


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