Workshop 1: Challenges & Realities of the Energy Metals Revival

Monday, October 2, 2023 • 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Delta Marriott Bonvoy, 135 Southland Drive SE

FEES: $250.00 plus fees and GST



Introduction: The ongoing global demand of critical minerals & elements are faced with a host of challenges that require an understanding of the issues and realities of accessing sustainable and secure supplies all with an overhanging timetable of government-imposed milestones with regards to energy transition and reduction of emissions. 


Overview: This workshop is designed to identify global demands in relation to the Mineral Sector capability to explore, develop, extract and process these commodities within the timeframe global economies are mandated to meet thresholds within 2035 to 2050.


The workshop shall focus upon a number of critical minerals & elements which play a significant role including Copper, Lithium and Rare Earth Elements (REE).


A review of global occurrences, geology, deposit types and economic metrics comprise the discussion.


This workshop offers a unique opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the Mineral Sector, timeframes, technical requirements to develop these resources and the timeframe between exploration, discovery & economic production.


Who Should Attend: The workshop content is designed for technical, financial, managerial of all levels across the industry including students, recent grads and young professionals.   


A Certificate of Completion and a categorized reference list with hyperlinks to be provided to workshop attendees on request. 

About the Instructor:

Dr. Randolph J. Rice P. Geo.

President & CEO, Rockee Resources Inc. 


Randolph Rice is a broadly experienced consulting geologist with a diversified career spanning 35 years including domestic and international postings. He has held positions in industry, government and academia, has Middle East mining property evaluation experience and has a foot in both the metallic mineral and hydrocarbon space. 


Dr. Rice has diversified Canadian mineral experience (diamond, gold, copper, MVT lead-zinc, uranium, petrolithium), Carlin-type gold in Mexico (Sonora) and has evaluated podiform chromite mining operations and properties in Oman and Iran ophiolite sequences. He recently completed a sedimentary copper compilation for central Kazakhstan Paleozoic basins (2020).


Dr. Rice has fieldwork in Quaternary- to Archean-age sequences and has considerable mapping experience associated with mineral exploration. 


With Technical Contributions by:


Dr. Peter Born

VP Development & Principle Geologist, Rockee Resources Inc. 


Peter Born is an exploration consultant with more than 35 years experience exploring and evaluating mining properties for senior and junior Canadian resource companies. He also spent a ten-year period of research in basin exploration at university and government. In addition Dr. Born did exploration and research for sedimentary ore deposits (lithium, zinc, copper, uranium and gold deposits).

Workshop 2: Implementing ESG - A Simple & Cost-Effective Approach

Monday, October 2, 2023 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Delta Marriott Bonvoy, 135 Southland Drive SE

FEES: $250.00 plus fees and GST

In today's competitive investment landscape, mineral development companies face the challenge of differentiating themselves to attract investors. To thrive, companies must leverage every available tool, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices have emerged as a powerful differentiator.


Join us for a dynamic workshop designed specifically for small to mid-sized mining companies seeking to unlock the full potential of ESG. This immersive session will guide participants through the step-by-step process of developing a robust ESG strategy.


Key Workshop Highlights:

Baseline: Lay a solid foundation by understanding the current ESG landscape within your organization. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement to develop a tailored strategy.


Materiality Assessments: Learn what a materiality assessment is and the basics of how to conduct one. 


Goal Setting: How do you set goals when you don't have any data yet? Learn how to create meaningful goals regardless of how large or small your company is. Define clear and measurable ESG goals aligned with your company's vision and values. Learn how to integrate these goals into your overall business strategy to drive sustainable growth.

Create an ESG Framework: Learn how to develop a comprehensive framework that outlines the specific actions and initiatives needed to achieve your ESG goals. Gain insights on best practices and successful case studies.


Implementation Strategies: Learn practical implementation strategies to effectively embed ESG practices throughout your organization. From stakeholder engagement to employee training, we'll explore the most effective approaches.


Disclosures and Reporting: Understand the importance of transparent and accurate ESG reporting. Discover how to prepare comprehensive disclosures that resonate with investors and stakeholders.


Don't miss this chance to position your company to take advantage of the opportunities associated with effective implementation of ESG.


Who Should Attend:  mining professionals

About the Instructor:

Suzanne Davis-Hall, Director, VP ESG

Genesg ESG Specialists


Suzanne is dedicated to promoting sustainable outcomes for the long-term success of organizations. She brings a wealth of knowledge in corporate sustainability built from the ground up – ie on-site design, implementation and management of environmental and community programs and design and implementation of corporate sustainability and ESG strategies, implemented globally. Suzanne is a Certified Sustainability Professional, an Environmental Professional and Lead Systems Auditor. She also has an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid and bachelor's Degrees from The Australian National University and the University of Western Australia, all of which give her a unique insight when it comes to navigating the ever-changing world of ESG and sustainability in mining.