About Critical Minerals Conference Series

Critical Minerals Conference Series is designed to showcase the Canadian Mineral Sector from an educational, innovative technology and to showcase Canadian Mineral Exploration companies. The three conferences entitled Western Canada's Critical Elements; The Americas & Canada's Energy Transition are intended to demonstrate the strategic importance the Critical Minerals, Rare Earth Elements and Noble Gases are to the growing demand across all economies on a global basis.


Canada's Mineral sector is recognized as a world class industry that has the expertise, technology, experience and a extensive history of success discovering & developing resources in a sustainable, socially responsible manner with the enviable security of supply.



Our mission is to create an environment of learning, open discussion, the opportunity to interact and benefit from participating at any one of the conferences all the while building new business relationships & friendships.

Welcome Message from the Organizing Committee

Critical Minerals Conference Series is an evolution from our initial vision to introduce and define the importance of critical and electrical metals and both the role and impact of the Canadian Mineral sector on Canada's and Global economies.


Canadian mineral exploration companies exploring, developing and producing the essential minerals & elements in a responsible and sustainable manner is recognized the world over. Our expertise, technology, talent and successes are the most sought-after commodities. 


The ongoing and growing demand of critical minerals is now and for the future that drives innovation, technology and investment complimented with overarching policies and incentives including the Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy and the Sustainable Critical Minerals Alliance shall result in a safe, secure and socially responsible supply. The development of green technologies, innovative technologies, energy transformation, emissions reductions are dependent upon predictable critical mineral supplies.


As Canadians we understand the importance of establishing efficient supply chains, engaging a diverse workforce, ensuring effective consultation, engaging positive Indigenous participation, attracting investment and developing social acceptance are cornerstones to a thriving sector.  


On behalf of the Organizing Committee and everyone associated with delivering these events we extend a very warm welcome to everyone to join our program of guest speakers, presenters, exhibitors, technical service providers and representatives from the investment community to attend each conference.


Respectfully submitted,


Mr. William R. Sattlegger, P. Geo.                 Ms. Elena Deary, B.Sc. Commerce

Executive Director & Conference Chair           Manager, Conference Events & Sponsorship