Welcome to Critical Minerals Conference - Canada's Energy Transition

Canada's Mineral Sector is an important contributor to the economy along with providing a reliable and sustainable supply of critical minerals, elements and rare earths are essential to the growing demand for clean technologies including solar panels, wind turbines, EV batteries for transportation and energy storage.


The importance of critical minerals from within Canada is necessary to achieve decarbonization, reduce emissions and realize net zero climate goals through the development of new and innovative technologies applicable to all sectors of the economy including the energy sector.


A collaborative approach is imperative to achieve our objectives all with the overarching policies the Federal Government of Canada has recently announced including the Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy and the Sustainable Critical Minerals Alliance.



Based on the recent success of the SOLD OUT Critical Minerals Conference in Kelowna, we anticipate interest in this Calgary-based conference will be high. Contact us today to book your presenting slot, exhibit space or sponsorship.


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