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Alberta Geological Survey


The Alberta Geological Survey is the official provincial geological survey of Alberta, operating under the guiding principles of the Canada Intergovernmental Geoscience Accord. This accord designates provincial surveys as the principal stewards, resident authorities, and lead investigators for public geoscience. The survey holds the responsibility for detailing the geology and resources in the province and provides essential information to guide resource opportunities, land use decisions, environmental impact assessments, and matters of public health and safety related to geoscience.

Athabasca Catering


Athabasca Catering Limited Partnership is Canada’s Largest 100% Indigenous owned Hospitality company. In the exploration market segment, our goal is to provide multiple services to save the operator valuable time and expense. ACLP provides Accommodations, Catering/Provisions, Expediting, Exploration Drilling & Heli Services.  We take pride in providing quality service and value, we have positioned ourselves as the One Source, One Company, One Solution for all your exploration requirements, with the added assurance that the dollars you spend are Indigenous dollars, driving ownership Equity and dividend disbursement within our nations, the majority of which are in the impacted regions.



AXIOM EXPLORATION GROUP LTD. is an employee-owned company with its corporate head office located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Established in 2011, AXIOM GROUP is a complete consulting firm providing a diverse set of technical services within, and integrated across, each of our four main divisions: Exploration, Geophysics & Geomatics, Environment, and Energy Services.


At AXIOM GROUP, we consider our consultation process as transformational rather than transactional, and we pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to delivering outcomes that ensure the continued successes of our clients.

Calgary Chamber


The Calgary Chamber of Commerce exists to help businesses thrive. As an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 1891, we build on our history to serve and advocate for businesses of all sizes, in all sectors across the city.

Calgary Mineral Exploration Group Society


The Calgary Mineral Exploration Group Society is a non-profit association incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta. The mandate of the Calgary MEG is to foster a recognition of the importance of mineral exploration and the development of mineral resources to the province of Alberta. The Society endeavours to promote public understanding of the Earth Sciences and the business interests of its members. The society offers monthly lunchtime seminars relating to geology and mineral exploration in the province of Alberta, across Canada and around the world. We also offer occasional short courses on individual subjects for the professional development of our members.

Carleton University Alumni Association


Carleton University remains committed to supporting its alumni throughout their post-graduate journey, ensuring they have complete access to necessary services at all times. Being a member of the CUAA opens doors to a plethora of opportunities and experiences at Carleton post-graduation.



Canada Action is an independent, grassroots, non-partisan organization. We do not participate in any activities that go beyond the simple scope of directly advocating for the responsible development of Canada’s various natural resource industries, and the families and communities they support.


Canada Action is committed to presenting factual and accurate information. We go to every lengths to ensure the material across our organization is reflective of the best information from the most credible sources. Throughout our various blog posts, infographics and social media posts, you will find sources we’ve used in preparing our content.

Commander Resources (TSX.V: CMD.V)


Commander Resources is an exploration company formed in 1989 with a Canadian focus which employs the newest techniques available in the search for precious and base metals. With our experienced management team the company has invested this talent in acquiring a portfolio of projects throughout the country. This approach has led to considerable joint venture successes allowing the Company to build a portfolio of exploration projects, royalties and investments.  Our focus in 2023 will be follow-up drilling of our successful inaugural drill program at our Burn Copper-Gold discovery in British Columbia with our partner, Freeport-McMoRan.

Common Good Mining


Common Good Mining believes in doing things differently. Our team of purpose-led experts have come together to demonstrate a new approach to mining that balances returns for stakeholders, shareholders, and the environment. As a registered BC Benefit Corp, delivering positive impacts is in our company DNA. We are on a mission to develop sustainable energy metals projects in partnership with local communities, mining for the common good.

Critical Minerals Americas Inc.


Critical Minerals Americas Inc. is a private Canadian company organized to advance development of one of the largest known accumulations of Critical Minerals, REEs, Lithium and Scandium. The Company's Alberta 850km2 SBH Property projects also offer collateral ESG benefits including CO2 consumption, Sulphur consumption and excess Hydro generation.

Emission Reduction Alberta


ERA was created in 2009 to help deliver on the province’s environmental and economic goals. ERA takes action on climate change and supports economic growth by investing in the pilot, demonstration and deployment of clean technology solutions that reduce GHGs, lower costs, attract investment, and create jobs in Alberta.

Energy Future Labs


Located in Alberta, Energy Future Labs represents a coalition of diverse innovators and top-tier organizations focused on hastening the transition to a forward-thinking energy system. Drawing on stakeholder insights from various facets of the energy realm, the coalition collaboratively crafts solutions aiming for a low-emission and socially equitable energy future.

First Nation Major Projects Coalition


FNMPC is currently providing business capacity support to its members on 8 major projects located across Canada, each with a First Nations equity investment component, and a portfolio exceeding a combined total capital cost of over $20 billion. FNMPC’s business capacity support includes tools that help First Nations inform their decisions on both the economic and environmental considerations associated with major project development.

Fisher Law


Fisher Law, based in Calgary, Alberta, has immigration lawyers throughout Canada and the Gulf. They offer personal and business immigration strategies, guiding clients to achieve their labour and immigration objectives. From large corporations to small businesses, inside and outside of Canada, they are trusted for their creative solutions based approach.



Founded by two industry veterans with over 50 years of combined mining experience, Genesg is a specialized ESG advisory firm dedicated to helping small and medium sized mining companies get up-to-speed on their environmental, social and governance processes. We understand that junior mining companies in particular face unique challenges when it comes to developing an effective ESG strategy, so we’ve created the perfect tool to help you achieve success that is cost effective and will give you what you need at each stage of your project.


Our approach combines our decades of expertise to create a comprehensive yet practical solution that will scale if and when your project grows. We understand mining, we understand the systems that mining companies need to successfully operate their projects, and we also have a unique understanding of ESG from the investor perspective to the operations perspective. We founded Genesg as our serendipitously precise expertise is unique and we know we can help you solve your ESG issues, whether you need a strategy from scratch, your governance documents drafted or reviewed, or you would like to understand how to improve your existing report. For those areas where we are not subject matter experts, we have a huge network of experts to draw from, including experts in decarbonization pathways, biodiversity, community engagement, water stewardship, energy consumption and many more.

ITL Diamond Drilling LTD


ITL Diamond Drilling operates DrillCo manufactured modular diamond drills which use integrated and interchangeable components to allow for three different drill applications from one cohesive system. By swapping interchangeable components, ITL can reconfigure our drills to operate for heli-portable, skid-surface or underground drilling applications.

Macdonald Search Group


MacDonald Search Group stands as one of Canada's esteemed executive search and recruitment firms. Boasting offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Moncton, and Halifax, this firm sets a straightforward objective: to find the optimal fit for both clients and candidates. Though based in specific cities, the firm's influence extends beyond, having adeptly filled positions in areas like Quebec and the U.S. The merging of a company's demands with a candidate's goals demands a joint effort, and MacDonald Search Group, with its vast experience, is well-regarded for facilitating these ideal unions. They diligently serve various sectors, including sales, marketing, management, manufacturing, operations, supply chain, finance, and HR across diverse industries, always aiming to connect exemplary clients with outstanding candidates.

Mazini Energy & Power


Mazini Energy & Power is a privately held 100% Indigenous owned company based in the Treaty Seven region in the Southern Alberta, Canada. We are engaged in Projects in Transitional Energy as a grassroots effort to include Indigenous participation in Net Zero Energy Transition. Our focus is to offer options for remote communities in regions with less developed infrastructures and the possibility for synergetic hybrid energy systems that combine nuclear and alternative energy sources, including renewables. Our core values include doing the right things in the right way; to honor our Ancestors. We care about our people, our community & our environment while adhering to our traditional values as well as to ensure that our projects are held to the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility. Environmental oversight; preferred status for Indigenous opportunities across our territory; and ownership of long-term sources of revenue generation is our focus to ensure a better future for generations to come. Our Indigenous-owned energy company shares a united message that this equity and initiation of long-term partnerships, including subsequent investment in potential future projects, will contribute to the prosperity and change the socio-economic fabric of each Indigenous community. Ultimately, any business deal that will provide a prosperous future for this generation and the next seven generations. 



ONYEN offers resource companies an innovative software solution to not only complete their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting obligations, but to heighten their ESG profile.

Rockee Resource Inc 


Rockee Resources Inc. operates as a geoscience consulting firm with directors located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa, catering to both Canadian and international clientele. These directors possess expertise in exploration for metallic and energy minerals, including elements such as Cr, Li, Mg, Zn, Cu, U, Au Ni, Pb, Sn, W, & Mo. Their knowledge also encompasses both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, specifically in-situ oil sands. A number of the directors specialize in sedimentary geology, relevant to sedimentary ore deposits, petroleum systems, and wastewater disposal. A distinctive capability lies in surface and subsurface mapping. Additionally, extensive experience in well site supervision can be attributed to several directors.

Saskatchewan Research Council 


The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) stands as an internationally acclaimed science solutions provider. It offers unmatched services in the fields of applied research, development, demonstration, testing, and technology commercialization. Central to SRC's ethos and value proposition is an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and client service. Compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements is a given, with a robust quality management system in place that aligns with or surpasses ISO 9001 standards. SRC consistently establishes, communicates, and reviews quality objectives, guaranteeing the continuous enhancement of its management system and unparalleled client satisfaction.



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